INNERviews explores issues that have a history of dividing us as a society - usually due to fear, lack of knowledge or experience.  The objective of INNERviews is to find commonality through dialogue, which can then bring positive change.

Currently, we are focusing on two issues facing our society.

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How we respond to challenges is just as important as the challenges themselves. And ultimately, that's what defines us as a society.

Surviving Recovery

We explore a range of subjects around recovery from substance abuse - including parenting, Medically Assisted Treatment, housing, nutrition, and relationships.


Conversations: COVID 19

A studio talk series on how some of the many challenges and solutions to living with the virus and lockdown restrictions


Upcoming episodes

Dispelling the myths

Communicating with your dependents

Isolation and community

Understanding emotional and physical responses

Healthy outdoor activities

Safe ways to volunteer

When (and when not) to call medical services

Remote group socializing

Homeless challenges

Addiction and the virus

Stigma and the virus

Employment: short- and long-term

Challenges for 501(c)3 support nonprofits

Lessons from other countries

Risks of recurring infection

Becoming more food self-sufficient

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