Parenting and supporting those in

active addiction and recovery

A series of interviews with parents, family and close friends of people in recovery and active addiction, that explores some of the challenges, resources and coping mechanisms around caring for loved ones.

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Karen Christiansen has three children - two in recovery and one still struggling with active addiction. Karen lives in Clear Lake, and is currently studying for her masters,

Lori Clark has two children, one of which is twenty one and in recovery as he studies for his finals. Her son battled addiction for years before

Debbie Cornish has a twenty eight year old son that has been in and out of heroin addiction since he was 13. Debbie now runs a dental practice, is studying for a degree, and raises her son's four year old daughter.

Monica and Jim Weidert  have three children, their oldest, is twenty eight and began using when he was about 14. His drug use brought about a major brain injury, which has left him permanently impaired and will require support